Suzanne Kramer, M.S., Counseling Psychology, M.Ed., Arts & Learning

A.P.C., Expressive Arts Therapies



Suzie graduated from Salem State University in May 2016. She obtained the Master of Science Degree in Counseling & Psychological Services. Suzie took extensive coursework in both Counseling Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She decided to culminate her studies on the Industrial/Organizational Psychology track and ended with four courses in this field including Personnel Selection & Placement, Training & Organizational Development, Social Psychology, and Career Education & Development.


While Suzie was obtaining her Master’s Degree, she worked as a Graduate Assistant for Salem State University in the Center for Creative and Performing Arts. Through this endeavor, Suzie studied/researched arts outreach and engagement in five arts-related fields: Visual Art & Design, Dance, Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing.


During the Fall semester of 2015, Suzie did her Clinical Practicum at Lahey Health Behavioral Services. Suzie worked with adults with psychiatric illness, many of whom were dually diagnosed with substance abuse issues and mental illness. During her Clinical Practicum, Suzie facilitated therapeutic groups including “Coordination Group”, a Cognitive-Behavioral goals-based group, Dance/Movement, Substance Abuse Education, Social Anxiety, and Women’s Issues.


In 2012, Suzie Kramer culminated a 4+ year stint working as a Music/Expressive Therapist Clinician in conjunction with Harbor Counseling. She provided therapeutic services utilizing various art modalities including music, singing, instrument playing, dance/movement, drama, and art. Suzie also provided Cognitive-Behavioral (verbal “talk” therapy) to higher functioning clients. She composed clinical assessments, weekly/quarterly evaluations, and treatment plans. Suzie worked with cognitively and developmentally delayed adults and children throughout the North Shore and beyond.


Prior to Harbor Counseling, Suzie Kramer worked as a Rehabilitation Practitioner/Specialist at Bridgewell with dually diagnosed adults. She facilitated arts-based therapeutic groups including music, singing, dance/movement, drama, visual art, storytelling, and creative writing. She also ran therapeutic empowerment groups such as “self-esteem” and “life management.” In addition to facilitating therapeutic groups, Suzie provided individualized counseling services for numerous clients. She composed weekly/quarterly evaluations and treatment plans. Suzie also facilitated pet therapy for several clients.


In 1992, Suzie graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In 2008, Suzie earned her Master’s Degree in Education, Arts & Learning, from Endicott College. Additionally in 2008, Suzie earned an Advanced Professional Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapies from Lesley University. In 2010, Suzie earned an Advanced Professional Certificate in Counseling Psychology and a Certificate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy from Salem State University.


Suzie is an experienced and licensed Kindermusik educator. She has had her own Kindermusik business since 2000. Through music, singing, dancing/movement, instrument playing, and dramatic improvisation, Suzie has fostered the cognitive, social, musical, physical, linguistic, and emotional development of many children throughout the North Shore. She has worked in numerous venues including private studios and schools.


In the nineties, Suzie volunteered as the assistant Music Therapist at Perkins School for the Blind. She worked extensively with the blind and multiply impaired children. Suzie helped to facilitate the music therapy process through singing, dancing, and instrument playing. Suzie’s primary instrument is her voice. She has been singing all of her life and focuses on a cappella singing.


Suzie hopes to reach more individuals through the arts. Suzie is available as a Music/Expressive and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist Clinician on the North Shore.

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